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Alternative :The Sunset With Izaya Orihara,折原臨也と、夕焼けを
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Durarara!! spin-off series that takes place after the original, starring Orihara Izaya as the main character. An man shows up in a town far from Tokyo. All he does is facilitate the flow of information, and nudge people on the back. He is an informant; that is what this man boasts of himself. Whether or not the title is appropriate for what he does, one thing is certain: he has the power to obtain a great volume of information. He is not an ally of justice, but neither is he an abettor of villainy. He is simply unwaveringly honest to his own desires. “Humans.” Earnestly, he loves every one of the assortment this word encapsulates. He merely loves. Even if it causes the object of his love to break. Because this informant can equally even love broken humans.


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