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Author :N/A
Alternative :The Noble Girl Living in Debt,The Deity of War,The Wizard World,Godly Student,Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world
Latest Release : ReWrite System 10/25/2020




Reincarnated into an another world, meeting new people and learning new things, Vayne adjust and try to enjoy his new life as much as he could. the Rewrite system, it is here to change his fate, he was brought because the goddess was touched by his past deed. he never put weight on the topic, but that was a mistake. the more he explore the more he leaned of the so called "fate". wanting to break the chains of damnation, to create his own destiny, he must thrive to gain strength and keep his "original" safe. for his fate is not his, his memories are fake, and his soul were never was. -------------------- author note: he-ho! author here, this is my first novel that actually took form in a platform so if there's mistakes in spelling or tense to tell me since English not my first language and even my first language have many problems... so yeah that's that. oh also the cover took a while to put up because many people suggest I should when I was so lazy to even care before haha. anyway it's there now. the cover is not mine and all credit of it belongs to the rightful artist and creator. I think her pen name was Willhem Lourage and her IG is rudou_akumari. so yeah go check out the original artist somewhere and give support *double thumbs up*