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Author :N/A
Alternative :Cat K,let's conquer Fairy Tail,Cheat Majutsu de Unmei wo Nejifuseru,Banished to Another World,Melting the Cold CEO's Heart
Latest Release : Rise Of Myth: Heir To Valor 01/07/2020




Thousands of years ago, magic flourished in a world where mythical creatures, the Elder races, and humanity lived together. Sometimes at peace, sometimes in conflict, in time Man would anger the gods, bringing about a war that would bring them to the edge of extinction. In a desperate effort to save humanity, a small coalition of gods brokered a deal. They would remove magic and all creatures imbued with it, splitting the entire realm into two. In one, magic and creatures of myth and legend would continue to exist. In the other, humanity, removed of magic would rebuild. We would later record this cataclysmic event through extinction myths like the great flood... In the present day, humanity flourishes without magic, until disasters unlike any ever seen before, wreak destruction across every country and people. Magic floods back into the world, bringing with it creatures and phenomena known only to myth. In a world shattered by the conspiracies of gods, Valtyr, a young man stranded in the events of the apocalypse, must find a new path in life. Encounters with creatures he thought existed only in folktales, wars and bitter rivalries older than he is, he must navigate this changed world, gain strength, and find allies, in order to find answers and help humanity on their new path.