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Alternative :Grimoire x Reverse ~Reincarnated Demon Romance Tale~,Jericho the Bard A VRMMORPG Story,CEO in a fantasy world,Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement,The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower
Latest Release : Runes - A Tale Of The Abyss 10/26/2020




DEDICATED TO MY DECEASED UNCLE. My first friend. My life teacher. My second father. Rest in Piece for you live in my heart. Chapter Update: A chapter per week will be the starting point of the update. SYNOPSIS RENEWED Join Griff as he adventures across the magical and odd world of Runes! Awakened with memory loss, Griff fights with the world around him, as well as his inner demons, in order to answer a big question: “Who am I?” Watch him grow from a naive kid into legend. Griff has no purpose in life, no family, or any bonds. So he decides to create his own. Watch Griff forge his dreams in to reality and sprout as a Legend in this mythical land. And so, he begins his journey by becoming an Adventurer! Now it is time for him to rise through the ranks and make a name for himself in this vast sea of talent! Note II: The cover is not owned by me and all rights for the artwork belong to the respected artist. If the artist has issues with me using the image as a cover they can contact me and I shall remove it immedietly