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Author :N/A
Alternative :Sharing the Same House but Not the Same Bed,同居不同床
Latest Release : Same Place Not Same Bed 07/21/2017




If “family” is the best gift that the Heavens can bestow, then why do the Heavens take back her present? She has no kin, no family, and no one to back her in case she foil up at work. Because she is alone, she pours all her energy into work. Because she is lonely, her boss becomes her emotional pillar. She thought she has reached a state where she is numb …. until the day she meets him. He is a good looking but bad-tempered ice skating athlete. He has the meanest mouth, but when she is in trouble, he is the one who dash to her aid without reservations.  And when she is at her lowest moment, he offers his home for her to stay without asking any questions. His caring and gentleness moved her, but despite everything, she cannot help a deep-rooted unease. Afterall, how much love do they really share? Is it enough to last a lifetime?