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Alternative :School Flower Versatile Security Guard 校花的全能保安
Latest Release : School Flower Versatile Security Guard 09/27/2019




One of the world’s top killer, fed up with his life, retired as a small security guard at Jiang Yuan University. He basically wanted to adapt to the life of an ordinary person and blend into the society. however, he didn’t expect that a previous random encounter with a beautiful woman who was also the prettiest girl in the university, will be the key to the fierce pursuit, at the same time, all kind of beautiful women, as well as powerful enemies, came after this small security guard named Xu Taiping. Let watch the journey of this university Versatile security Guard. Let see how he will obtain the beautiful flowers and eliminate his enemies conspiracies and step on the powerful villains. I only wanted to be a small security guard, Xu Taping said while lying in the lap of the beautiful flower.