Cover Sex gods work hard: Kidnapped and married to a vampire

Read Sex gods work hard: Kidnapped and married to a vampire

Author :N/A
Alternative :The Power of the Saint is All Around,The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle for the Throne,Senketsu no Elf,Maya of the Golden Moon,Return of the demon




Two humans are kidnapped and forcefully made to live as mates to the King of all Vampires and the strongest Alpha. They are both bound by one thing, their humanity_but other than that their fates are completely different. This is a story of lust, betrayal, sex, passion, desire and friendship.  When the two worlds go to war, which Kingdom will win? This is the story of the Vampire king Lucius the sun of Apollo who was cast down to earth by Zeus and his mortal mate, Monica. It features, The war and trepidation that surrounds the vampire kingdom. The humans they love and the humans that love them. The werewolves they align and the alpha's that make terrible decisions. Even the witches that threaten to extinct vampires are not left out of this tale. This is a story of love and war and no one is bound to play fair.