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Author :N/A
Alternative :Dark Walker,What’s Your Gender, Princess?,A Mistaken Marriage Match – The Pirate’s Daughter,Real Empress from a Noble Family,Before You Leave Me
Latest Release : Sneaky CEO And His Secretary Girlfriend 08/19/2019




Yan Rui hug her from behind.  "Get dressed, we have a meeting in an hour." Meng Fei  "An hour? That's still a lot of time. How about a quickie?" Yan Rui  "What are .. aahhhh" Meng Fei  Before Meng Fei could finished her sentenced she was hauled to the bed by Yan Rui. He kissed her deeply and starting to explored her body when suddenly.........    Yan Rui and Meng Fei dated since high school. After their graduation from university, Yan Rui were force to take over one of the sub-company of Yan Group, his family legacy. He then stated a condition where he would only manage the company if his girlfriend, Meng Fei becomes his secretary.  But the naughty and playful Yan Rui didnt change a bit even after become the CEO of one of the biggest company in B city. Resulting her calm and composed secretary girlfriend, to get a headache.