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Author :N/A
Alternative :Sex gods work hard: Kidnapped and married to a vampire,Wake Up Male Lead, You Belong With The Female Lead!,Don't Touch Me, You'll Die!,Masked Knight,Living with Monsters
Latest Release : Sovereign Of The Gates 04/02/2019




The peaceful world we once knew was no more. As if they appeared out of thin air, 'Gates' appeared around the world. Within the gates, monsters came out and invaded humanity Human weapons could not hurt the monsters, until one day humans gained the power to resist the monsters. They were later known as 'Hunters' Decades later, a young man was known to be the weakest hunter. Upon entering a gate which is later known to be called a Ring, due to its shape. Everyone but he survived. His powers that were known to be the weakest evolved giving him the strength to one day become the strongest Like Solo Leveling? Well, this is for you! Note this art is just temporary until I can get another one