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Alternative :Easily Set Aflame,Dragon King’s Son-In-Law,The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care!,The Six Immortals,Owari no Chronicle
Latest Release : The 12th Wedding - When Love Is Reborn 10/17/2019




''Twelve lifetimes. Yes, we were blessed with twelve chances to live under the same sky, on the same earth. Different names, different personalities, we eventually had forgotten who we truly were. In different eras of time there was one thing that never changed. Our love for each other. However all of our 11 weddings didn't last long and now we are marrying for the Twelfth time. Will it give us more time ? Or this will be the last ? What could be the reason for us to be born 12 times I wonder " ********* The world's most handsome man was Zen. He wasn't just good looking but blessed with the best acting skills. He was the quintessential actor who was inevitably famous.  He was rude, arrogant and colder than ice but a certain woman changed him. She did not know how, he didn't knew why. Neither did she understand why she married the king nor did he understand how he married a thief.  "It means you were born with the same crimson red hair in your past and more importantly you were a queen !" Alisha guffawed at the man's statement that she was almost in tears.  "As for you , just like this time you were quite popular in your past . Further more you were a king ! You guys are not ordinary people " *********** "It's good to have dreams incase they come true just like how mine did " She said enthusiastically looking at her dear husband. He smiled and asked . "What is your dream ?" "You !" There was immense happiness in her answer. Ecstatic tone of love. " Zen did you know ? You are many people's dream " "I know " His reply made her upset like he was boasting but her heart was at bliss after she heard the next sentence .  "So what ? My wife's dream is the only one I'll fulfill  A fantasy , A tragedy, A sea of emotions, A story of Love !