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Author :Aromatic Peach Blossoms,桃花朵朵香
Alternative :跟总裁假结婚的日子, The Shadowy Wedding Day with the President




Nobody is optimistic about the marriage between your most respectable man in Yun Cheng and the most disfavored daughter of the Mu family. Their poor impression of the feminine protagonist a meek, ugly, and underachieving college or university student had them surmising that her husband would eventually divorce her. Mu Huan: I dont know if well get a divorce, but my marriage has me returning home to piping hot meals, being chauffeured everywhere, and creating a professor for my tutor. My happiness probably started while i met you, the perfect man who brought me to see more of the world and led me to such a wondrous life, through the toughest time of my entire life.


Latest Release : The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The CEO 08/10/2021