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Author :N/A
Alternative :The Western Cafe on the Dutch Slope, Nagasaki – Sugar Road and Secret Book (LN) 長崎・オランダ坂の洋館カフェ〜シュガーロードと秘密の本〜
Latest Release : The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe 01/18/2020




There was a cafe called the “Evening Rain” in a western-style building at the end of a narrow street on the Dutch Slope. On a rainy night, a university student who lost her way by chance met a strange shopkeeper. A mysterious cafe with a strange attachment to evening rain, the “Evening Rain Cafe”……because of it, she got to learn about Nagasaki’s variety of traditional confectionery. Eventually, she came to work at the shop, but the shopkeeper had an amazing secret. A story of a sweet relationship connected by sweet confectionery begins here.