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Author :N/A
Alternative :The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML,Harassing Thief Girl,Naruto: The clan that got lost in history,Solo leveling copy,MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks
Latest Release : The Eternal Guardian 07/06/2019




Foolish children. You scheme, you plot, you steal, you murder. You forget who is looking on from the shadows. In your haste to get above each other, you forget your origins. Sigh. I guess ants always go for sugar, not realizing there's a thumb waiting to squish them. - A person who was forcibly removed from his world in an accident.  He gets relocated to another world in a time where the world era is still young, and everything is hostile to everything. As a hermit, what will he encounter in this strange new world? - My discord. Notes.  1. Keeping wordcount between 1k to 2k mark. Might go over sometimes but I promise it won't be less. First chap doesn't count in this promise. My target is to get at least 5 chapters up in a week. If I can get time and also squeeze out more creative juice, I'll push for more. 2. Story proper starts at chap 2. Chap 1 is just part of worldbuilding. 3. Do give feedbacks or comments. Especially typos or continuity issues. Do note that I have already have a rough storyboard of the novel. As such the event and plot are pretty much set, but in rough form. The feedbacks I'll be looking at are whether the language style I'm using is acceptable and understandable or not. 4. For the cover, I am currently collaborating with a friend. Please bear with the blank for a while as I don't want to just pickup any image from the Net. I have better expectations on my works. P/S: All the tags here was initially tagged by me. They're there as warning for the direction I will take this story in. There will be other tags in future, but currently I'm not sure those tags fall in which category until I reach that point of story.