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Author :N/A
Alternative :最後的神權
Latest Release : The Final Theocracy 04/15/2020




Evil lurks everywhere while hatred consumes everything. With his childhood dream no longer achievable with the shocking fall of his renowned noble family, Loki was now on his own as he gradually turned into the type of people he despised the most. Branded as a traitor to his own family, he has survived the fall of his family as the sole survivor by offering the Church his sister’s skull. How could one of the founding nobles of the country fall overnight? He could not understand, but he would surely deliver his own judgement on those who had played a part in this tragedy. All who comes across his path cannot help but be awestruck by his cruelty and craftiness. Even if he has to dirty himself with all the sins in the world, he shall pursue and exterminate every one of his enemies.