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Alternative :Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master,Dragon Bloodline,Upstart Pastry Chef ~Territory Management of a Genius Pâtisserie~,Dragon Dragon Dragon,RESPECT MAH AUTHORITHA!
Latest Release : The Fresh Start In An RPG World 12/13/2019




Suffering because of other people's mistake, this sums up well the life of a young boy, but even with everything and everyone conspiring against him managed to survive. Who would have imagined that someone who survived practically everything would die in such a normal way, one day when he was in another of his escapes was run over, instant death, but something had still been reserved for him, this was... a second chance. He wakes up in a room, with the self titled trainee god, he has the choice to start over in a new world, full of magic and wonderful things, but that will also bring great dangers. This is a story inspired by the Japanese isekais, our protagonist will live in a world of magic and dangerous monsters, will he manage to survive in this world just like he did in his old life? (Although he died). English is not my mother tongue, I apologize for possible mistakes in the future. Isekai according to Wikipedia: Isekai (異世界 lit. "different world") is a sub-genre of light novels, manga, animes and fantasy electronic games characterized by a normal protagonist (usually a contemporary inhabitant of the Earth) being transported or trapped in a parallel universe.