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Author :N/A
Alternative :The Mightiest Little Peasant,Eiyuu Kyoushitsu,The Healer Banished From The Party, In Fact, Is The Strongest,Rise of the Wasteland,Dragonborn
Latest Release : Vampire In The Harry Potter World 02/04/2019




Kai is a tourist on holiday when he is killed in a terrorist attack. He wakes up during the year 1981 in a forest and finds out that he is a vampire progenitor in the Harry Potter world. Kai then heads out to the nearest human settlement which happens to be Godric Hollow.  -This is my first time writing a novel so I will have mistakes, I'd appreciate it if you could point them out. -I want to point out that HP doesn't belong to me. -THE STORY WON'T BE GOING ACCORDING TO CANON! I will be introducing my own elements to the story. -OOC Voldemort